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Audio/Video Installation Services For Colorado Small Businesses

We understand that you have many options when looking for a commercial A/V contractor in Colorado and are grateful you are on our site. We won’t tell you why you need a new A/V system but we will tell you why you should work with us.

Our A/V Story

The owner of High Country Low Voltage, Jonathan Eubank started his career after leaving college with a BS in Audio Engineering. In Nashville, TN we was lucky to study underneath some of the great audio engineers while working alongside many talented and famous musicians. Here he honed his skills in using top of the line audio equipment to replicate and produce stunning sound quality. While he enjoyed engineering he found that he had a knack for the electronics and equipment throughout the studio, so much that he was recruited by a prestigious audio firm responsible for building and outfitting many of the professional recording studios in Nashville, LA, and across the country. Travelling for years building and outfitting these professional studios brought wisdom that would allow him to relocate to Colorado and build a business of his own. After working with numerous companies in the residential, commercial, and professional audio spaces, he found his relationship with the business owner was one that he enjoyed and wanted to grow. The business was founded in 2011 in Boulder, CO serving Front Range businesses for the last 7 years.

Our philosophy is to provide businesses with professional quality audio that works, day in and day out. The downtime in a commercial system is not like missing a favorite Netflix show but involves much greater consequences. We understand that your business must utilize systems that perform every day, and we make sure to provide this and thus take at least one worry off of your plate.

We would love the opportunity to visit your site and talk about your businesses unique needs for audio/video installations, please give us a call or fill out the form below for a free consultation, usually scheduled within one week.

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